The Next Page – Helping you find your way…

This evening, I am handing my blog over to my partner-in-crime at The Next Page, Elaine Cusack, to tell you about her upcoming creative writing mentoring sessions, at Whitley Bay Library.

I first met Elaine when she dragged me kicking and screaming to the pub after an event at the first Iron Press Festival (Ok, dragging may be an over-statement – she saw me looking lost and asked if I was going to the after-drinks). She’s been a massive support (and a great mate) ever since, and she’s now looking to help others. So, over to Elaine…

Elaine Cusack – Pointing you along the right path for your writing…


Do you write but don’t know what to do with those ten thousand words stored on your laptop? Is there a folder filled with handwritten poems stuffed in a drawer somewhere?

When did you last read your words? Have you shown your work to anyone?

Perhaps you know you want to write but you don’t know where to start? Should you try poetry, prose or autobiography? Would you like to perform your work but lack confidence?

If you write (or want to write) but don’t know how to take the next step in the creative process then come and have a chat with me. I run regular one to one creative writing sessions in Whitley Bay.

I started writing poetry over 30 years ago. My poems have won prizes and been published in pamphlets, magazines and anthologies. I’ve performed at readings around the country and appeared on local and national TV and radio.

Yes, I’ve tasted success but I’ve had more experience of creative failure over the decades. I’ve seen my poetry, prose and non-fiction rejected by countless publishers and editors. My work has been short-listed for but not won prizes. I’ve wasted hundreds of unpaid hours on creative collaborations that have either led nowhere or collapsed before my eyes!

I’ve worked as a journalist and fronted several bands as singer/lyricist. Over the past decade I’ve been helping more and more writers with their poems, short stories, novels and autobiographies. I thought it was time to offer my mentoring services in one hour sessions. We can achieve a great deal in 60 minutes!

I’ve experienced bullying and humiliation as a writer but have blasted through necessary, self-imposed creative writing blocks in order to be where I am today. Book a session with me and I promise I’ll boost your confidence as well give you honest advice and feedback.

I’m going to be running mentoring sessions on the first Saturday of every month starting in September. The sessions for Saturday 3rd September are available to book online now.

Once you’ve booked in advance I’ll be in touch to find out what you’d like to get out of the session. Look forward to working with you!

Keep in touch at The Next Page’s Facebook Page or Twitter account, for the latest information on all our future plans!


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