Pure Fiction – Pure excitement!

This Saturday, I’ll be stepping up for my first ever event as a published fiction author. Yes, I’ve got up plenty of times before, even reading from publications before, namely some beautiful pamphlets produced for various events and from various workshops, as well as open-mic turns, but this, this feels different.

Cover on devices
What I’ll be reading from… (but, amazingly, in paperback!)

I’ve always looked at those writers who can read from their own books with envy. Positive envy, keen to emulate them, but envy nonetheless… This time, although my second reading, a short story, set in the world of Kindred Spirits, will be on paper, I’ll have the joy of reading from my paperback copy of Kindred Spirits: Tower of London.

I’m also delighted that it’s at The Next Page’s first reading event. Elaine, Sandy and I have been plotting this for a couple of months now, and are chuffed to bring you the first in what will hopefully turn out to be a great series of readings as we move forward. We’re already planning our next events, and cannot wait to tell everyone once it’s confirmed. For now though, come and join us in Whitley Bay Library on Saturday 30th July – tickets are available now, from TicketSource, for just £3.50. Come and hear us read, ask us questions, and join us in the bar of the Jam Jar Cinema afterwards for more literary conversation (or just a glass of your favourite poison!).

I hope you enjoy, and honestly, I hope I do too!


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