Pure Advice

Great article, about a great afternoon – am sure the actual event will be great too! And I shall learn some new words in advance of it… Come along and listen to some wonderful fiction, and meet local writers at the same time. Perfect!


The big creative question “How do you start to write?” is often followed by “How long should you write for each day?”

There are no rules for either question. Both of them continue to engage, frighten and energise me on a daily basis. I argue and fight with my poetic muse and she usually wins.

Yesterday Cullercoats-based writer Kitty Fitzgerald shared some words of wisdom about the creative process. She joined me plus  Jennifer C Wilson and Sandy Chadwin  in Jennifer’s home to discuss the inaugural Pure Fiction event on Saturday 30th July. Pure Fiction is a new event celebrating (you guessed it!) fiction writers. Kitty, Jennifer and Sandy will perform at the event in Whitley Bay’s library and I’ll be hosting the event.

Kitty Fitzgerald - Writer Cullercoats ,  Tyne & Wear - February 2016 Photo of Kitty Fitzgerald by M Critchlow

Kitty brought lots of great advice to the meeting. She also excused herself after an…

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