An amazing year…

Exactly a year ago today, I received probably one of the most exciting emails (or any other type of correspondence) I have ever received. As I was heading back from a lovely day-trip to Arbeia over in South Shields, an email pinged into my phone’s inbox from Crooked Cat Publishing, stating that they would like to publish my novel, Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, as an eBook.

An email, from a real publisher, wanting my book? Well, it doesn’t get any more thrilling than that! Only, it’s gone and got more thrilling…

This last year has been incredible, from meeting my publishers and other writers in York, to ‘meeting’ so many more through online socialising, and of course, having a party to celebrate the launch of the book in October 2015. But then, in mid-March, another ridiculously exciting email – Kindred Spirits: Tower of London was to become a paperback.


I was amazed at having a copy of the book on my Kindle, but holding a physical copy in my hands? That’s something else. And last week, I signed my first ever copy (thanks Fiona!).

Thank you so much to everyone who’s bought a copy of the novel, and to those who have taken the time to write such lovely reviews.


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