The Next Page presents… Finding the Words

I’ve always loved writing workshops, attending a range of events to discover a range of inspiration, and coming away with little sparks of ideas to develop in the days and weeks afterwards. Last August, I ran my first workshop, based around history, and partly historical fiction, and it was so inspiring, listening to what people had come up with.


And so to this July. On Saturday 16th July, at Whitley Bay Library, Elaine Cusack and I will be running two workshops: a morning scavenger hunt, looking around Whitley Bay, and in the afternoon, a session on found poetry. More information on the workshops can be found here.

Tickets are available online now, with each session being £20, or £30 for the whole day.

There’ll be plenty of prompts to get the inspiration flowing, and the chance for group feedback during sharing sessions, if you’re happy to do so.

Any queries at all,  leave a comment below!


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