Prompted by Paris

This time last May Bank Holiday, I was bobbing along on the Seine, getting ridiculous value for money on a Batobus day ticket (six hours in total, three laps!). I’d taken myself off to the ever-wonderful city to find a bit of peace, and hopefully, after a mad visit last year when the ink just wouldn’t flow, a bit of inspiration. Happily it worked.

In cafes, in museums, on boats and back in my apartment, I could hardly put my pen down. Lots of rambling yes, but a couple of pieces in the mix which I’m definitely going to work on.

After three glorious hours in the fantastic Museum of the Middle Ages, where I got to see the incredible tapestry sequence of The Lady and the Unicorn, I trotted off to lunch at Café de Flore, in the hope that some of the magic and historical inspiration would rub off. It sort of did. This piece was inspired by my visit, relaxing with a glass of pink!

At Café de Flore

She sits, sips her rose, observes,
as all of Paris surrounds her.
Lovers, business partners, friends –
life going on, absorbing her.
The clitter0-clatter of crockery,
the chitter-chatter of voices
melt together, create ‘Paris’.
Alone, but not lonely, she smiles,
part of the city, but apart:
a face in the cosmopolitan crowd.
Nowhere to rush to, nowhere
drawing on this, her precious time
where for once, she can simply ‘be’.
She sits, sips her rose, observes,
as all of Paris surrounds her.


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