NaPoWriMo 2016 – Um, yes…

I’m really starting to think I should stop setting myself such public challenges!

Here we are, twenty-one days in April, and although I have a certainly-not-shabby twelve or so poems more than I started the month with, I do not have twenty-two new poems to my name. Every morning, I’ve been diligently writing the prompt down in my notebook, but for the last week and a bit, the actual writing hasn’t followed. I used work as an excuse for not completing NaNoWriMo back in November, and I’m going to have to sound like a broken record unfortunately. I knew April was going to be busy, but I hadn’t quite envisaged it being THIS busy!

Still, with a holiday coming up, and another DIY Writing Retreat the weekend after that, I will make the most of the free time I have, whether that’s for actually getting something down on the page, or even just thinking about what I want to work on next. For example, I’ve been planning an idea I had at the end of last year, and think I’m going to take the plunge and buy Scrivener, to see whether that will work for me.

There’s a lot happening at the moment; hopefully some of it will hit the page!

Good luck to everyone else who’s managing to keep up with NaPoWriMo 2016 – my notebook will definitely have thirty prompts in it by the end of the month, if not thirty poems.

Happy Writing!


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