F Story for the #atozchallenge

I’m really enjoying these A-Z stories, Miriam – definitely an interesting challenge…

Miriam Drori, Author

2016AtoZChallengeFour funky fairies flitted around the frightened foal.

From their leader, who wore above-the-knee socks with yellow, green and red horizontal stripes, came soft, delicate tones. “Fear not, Filly. Fortune will favour you and save you from the big, bad wolf. Funky fairies are here to protect you.”

Filly remained fearful. “Ferocious is the wolf, while you are airy-fairy. Fill me in on your plan to thwart the evil wolf.”

“Flouting our rules of secrecy would be unwise. For now, you need to have faith in our abilities. Failure to put your faith in us will be bad for you.”

“For sure I have no other option than to trust you.”

“Fortunately, that is a good option.”

Filly lay down and fell asleep. Forthwith, big, bad wolf appeared high on the horizon, then padded down, each step bringing him closer to the sleeping foal. Five feet from the foal, big…

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