NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day Four

Every year, there seems to be a prompt which gets me thinking about Sir David Attenborough. This year, the ‘fan letter’ seemed destined to include the great man!

Thank you for Patagonia

Dear Sir David,
(a title, surely, as much as a greeting?),

Thank you, for Patagonia.
For waiting patiently (for I’m sure you were there?)
with the BBC’s finest, until the perfect moment,
as nine tons of muscle surges forward,
stealing the show, from any who would dare compete.

Seal pups, usually the star of the show,
nothing but a warm-up act. And lunch.

Killer whale, blackfish, Orcinus orca
call them what you will, but thank you,
for giving those wolves of the sea
their moment to shine
just as I discovered TV documentaries.

And thank you for going back,
perfect timing again, every time
I came close to losing focus.


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