Leicester Day Two – Part Two

So, at this time, I was sat in the Cathedral itself, having watched this very coffin make its way into the building (and, oddly, half-expecting some horses to gallop in – watch the footage, it certainly looked that way initially!).
It’s funny, but despite saying I’ll be putting it into words ‘later’, it still hasn’t entirely happened. A couple of poems came out of that weekend, but not remotely what I had been aiming for.
On a personal note, it was a very strange weekend, as after the ‘randomness’ of being at part of Richard III’s reburial services, I went within 48hrs to Darlington, for my own Gran’s funeral. Very different events, as you can imagine, but in my mind now, inextricably linked.
Perhaps one day, there’ll be a piece of writing which somehow links the two, but I think it’s still simmering somewhere in the brain. I hope it is, at any rate…

Tales from the Notepad

This evening, I had the amazing fortune to attend the service of Compline at Leicester Cathedral, having been chosen in the public ballot. I will try to put this into better words later, as right now, I am still a bit in awe at everything I’ve seen, attended and learnt this weekend. Suffice to say, my head is spinning. But in a good way.
So, I shan’t ramble, and will leave you with an image of the coffin, lying in the heart of the cathedral, waiting for his final resting place.

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