Leicester Day Two – Part One

A whole year ago… It’s been a crazy twelve months. So, exactly a year ago right now, I was in Leicester Cathedral, waiting for the morning service to start.
And I learnt what Compline was!

Tales from the Notepad

Today has been more emotional than I thought it would be, and that from somebody who was inconsolable at the end of the White Queen. I started the day at the Cathedral, part of a live broadcast for Radio 4. I hadn’t planned entirely on going, but having woken up so early, it seemed a good way to start things off. The Cathedral area was alive, absolutely buzzing, even at 0720!
The service itself was beautiful, and I am so glad I made the effort.
Second stop – the ceremony to mark Richard’s departure from the university. Here, we saw the hearse, heard words from a number of people involved, and saw the hearse leave, starting Richard’s final journey.
Since then, I have managed to do the whole Richard III Walking Tour, and spent far too much in the Visitor Centre gift shop.
And now, I am getting ready for…

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