Leicester – Day One

This time last year I was panicking about missing my connection, which I did, and missing the lectures, which thankfully I didn’t!
It was a great day of talks, and an odd coincidence to be staying in a hotel on the spot of the inn.
Just cannot believe it’s been a year…

Tales from the Notepad

Today has been fantastic – I may have only managed to attend four of the day’s talks at the University of Leicester, but my head is spinning with facts, ideas, and excitement for tomorrow.
There will be two services to attend tomorrow, starting with the formal departure of Richard’s mortal remains from the University, for their day of ceremony. Up to Bosworth and back, commemorating Richard’s final journeys. I’ll be there for the start, to see him off, and will be waiting for him at the cathedral for Compline tomorrow evening.
In between, I am hoping for some themed retail therapy, and to complete at least some of the Richard III Walking Tour.
Currently, I am enjoying a glass of lovely wine, in a hotel on the site of the Blue Boar Inn, where Richard stayed before travelling for Bosworth. Let’s hope I can channel some more inspiration…

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