The Sergeant’s Lament

I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries on TV, anything from Marple and Poirot, the cheery Death in Paradise, clever Lewis, and crazy Midsomer Murders – I even tried the new Icelandic offering Trapped on Saturday night (although, I miss the sunshine of Inspector Montalbano; Iceland should be saved for during a heatwave, when we’re craving a cool-down!).

This weekend, whilst indulging in more Midsomer, I was also browsing my old notebooks, a regular activity, to see whether anything catches my eye. I found one piece which seemed to suit the current situation, and as we’re only a couple of weeks away from signing up to this year’s NaPoWriMo, I thought I’d give it an airing…


The Sergeant’s Lament

Another day, another death,

another thankless task.

A million things the boss wants done,

with only me to ask.


I know we lock up criminals,

I know it’s a worthy job.

But I can’t stand mixing in with folk

who maim, and kill, and rob.


I check through all the archives,

read papers till I’m blind –

but though I search for answers,

they never spring to mind.


I wait about for hours,

while clues and notes I jot.

He turns up and suddenly,

he clocks it on the spot.


I know I’m working with the best,

the envy of other cops,

but just for once, I’d like to be

the one who comes out tops.


My boss gets all the glory,

the promotions and the fame –

I do all the legwork,

and they all forget my name.


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