Happy Planet Haiku

Last night, I attended a haiku workshop run by my good friend and fellow Whitley Bay writer Elaine Cusack, through Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC. As I have repeatedly said in this blog, I love workshops, and although I’ve attended a haiku workshop before, I’ve never quite got the hang of them, and was looking forward to learning something new, and, hopefully, generating some new pieces.

Our Happy Planet workshop space – lots of inspiration!

We started by reading some examples, and I particularly liked this one, by Caroline Gourlay:

Writing at my desk,

I look out across the sea…

words slip their moorings.


And then onto our own, thinking about nature, travel, seasons and the senses. I managed to get thirteen drafted in total, and found it completely addictive. I find it a very similar concept to the ‘small stones’ idea, capturing a single thought or moment, in a very concise manner.

White horses canter,

racing to reach the seagulls

shrieking at the tide.



Welcome the blackout:

the city’s glare extinguished –

darkness lights the sky.

Elaine’s next workshop is in March, “Writing the Unwritten” – and I cannot wait to take part!


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