For one week only…

Let’s start at the very beginning… (A very good place to start):


“You’re late.”

“You’re dead.”

Anne sighed. “We’ve been through this before, Richard. It wasn’t funny then, and it isn’t funny now.”

“Well, it’s this lot. All these years, and I could swear they’re getting worse.” He leaned back against the cool brick, and shaded his eyes as he scanned a group of already-bored teenagers being herded by an increasingly frustrated tour guide.

“Perhaps we are simply getting jaded. Come on, I know you love your school trips.”


“Come along!” She gave him no choice, pulling him away from the wall. He sighed. Anne was right; he did enjoy independent tours like this one, although he would enjoy them so much more if they got their facts right. He watched her as she wandered around the back of the group, looking for targets.

“Shall we give them the full works?” she called over to him, the pearls of her favourite necklace winking in the sunlight, and the famous ‘B’ glistening. She still never took it off, pinning it to her dress with a brooch during her headless periods.

“Why not?” replied Richard, pulling himself together.


The opening lines to Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, set down at Traitors’ Gate, are almost exactly the same as when I first put pen to paper in a London hotel room back in 2013. Having just received a rejection email for a set of poems, I was spurred on to start something new. A good decision, on reflection; far more productive than sulking, which was the first idea which came to me!

Traitors’ Gate, at the Tower of London

They were enough to draw me into my own story, but I cannot believe it all happened so long ago…

Crooked Cat Publishing released the novel in October 2015, and until Thursday 4th Feb, it’s reduced to only 99p/c. I hope you enjoy meeting the ghosts as much as I did, and enjoy reading the series of snippets and posts over the coming week.


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