Rediscovering the WIP…

After the success of NaNoWriMo 2013, I decided to try again last November, but, as I had to admit, it wasn’t my year. Things at work really stepped up a gear, and with so many deadlines for the nice people who keep me in roof, heat and food, writing an extra 50,000, or spending another minute in front of a computer screen just was not going to happen.

But still, I’ve got a nice chunk of text to play with, and last week, I dusted off the printer, and took myself a copy of what I’d written. The first thing I noticed (partly thanks to my mum pointing it out) was that not an awful lot has happened yet. The plan was to explore the ghosts of Edinburgh, and to be fair, I have done that, but they haven’t really got going yet. I’d helpfully left myself a list entitled “General Story Arcs” – unhelpfully, I hadn’t actually written anything next to the bullet points!

On the other hand, some bullet points were a lot more useful, noting those tiny things which would definitely have wandered out of my brain otherwise. Links to websites, articles etc. – very helpful.

So where next? Well, I’ve had one read-through, without pen in hand: next time, there will be scribbling. Where it’ll end up, not a clue, but between the re-read, and clicking through photos of my last few visits, the cogs are (thankfully) starting to turn…

One of my favourite views of Edinburgh

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