The Alternative CV – 7 quick fire questions for authors.

Thank you to Susan Lodge for hosting me today, with her quick-fire ‘Alternative CV’ questions. It was fun answering them 🙂

Susan Lodge - author of historical, romantic fiction. Welcome to my blog

  • In the chair today UK author of Kindred Spirits Jennifer C. Wilson.

Welcome to The Alternative CV Jennifer, make yourself comfortable and help yourself to  a chocolate digestive.

Now tell me  …

 One quality you have which other people who know you might question.

I’m very cool and collected in genuine emergencies. I’ve got something of a reputation for fussing and faffing, and flapping in “not really emergency emergencies” but in genuine crises, I do come through!

 A fictional character you fantasise over/ fell in love with. (One of your own preferably.)
Well, I was going to say Richard III, but he’s not fictional… I’ll go for ‘James’ in one of my WIPs. He doesn’t have a surname as yet, but he’s a handsome Borderer, and a younger brother to a wastrel of an heir. As odd as it sounds, he came out of a dream I had after…

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