Giving The Tower its Moment

Giving the Tower of London a moment in the sun today – it’s an amazing place, even if it did take me a while to get around to visiting…. Thank goodness I did.
Thank you for hosting me Jane!

Jane Bwye

… Ghosts – And the Beating Heart of Things.

Happy New Year! – and a warm welcome to Crooked Cat author, Jennifer Wilson, who has an original take on our Tower of London as the setting for her debut novel, Kindred Spirits. I can’t wait to read it.

Hello, and thank you, Jane, for hosting me today.
Over the past couple of months, I’ve become a bit obsessed with some characters in my debut novel, Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, largely thanks to the situation re Richard III’s funeral, but in the middle of it, there’s one major ‘character’ I’ve barely mentioned – the Tower itself. Having read your blog, a lot of pieces give a real sense of travel and place, and so I thought I should give the Tower its moment!
The Tower of London is a key location in English and British history, and the fact that we still use…

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