NaNoWriMo 2015 – Week 3 Report

So far, I’ve managed one report dead on a week after starting NaNoWriMo, one a day later than planned, and this one is now quite a bit earlier. So much for consistency!

At the time of writing, I’ve made it to the grand total of 28,992 words. I’m hoping to reach 30,000 by the end of November, but it is now extremely clear that I won’t be making it all the way to 50,000. Not within the month at any rate. In the last couple of days, I’ve managed less than fifty words a day, and it is slightly annoying that I’ve decided to quit on the exact day that the official validator opens to let people start winning!

My 2015 participant banner - it won't be followed with a winner's badge this year!
My 2015 participant banner – it won’t be followed with a winner’s badge this year!

But never mind. I have almost 30,000 words of a brand new story, I’ve met a lovely bunch of new characters which are interesting enough for me to want to keep working with them after November is over, and reading it back, it seems to be in better shape as a first draft than my last first draft was. Therefore, I have only positive things to report.

My new goal is to try and reach the magical 50,000 words sometime in January, but to be honest, with deadlines rapidly building up, even that may end up being over-optimistic. However, note that I didn’t say which January…

So, I am sending massive, massive doses of luck to anyone still pushing on full-throttle to the 50,000 within thirty days, and will be full of envy as the winners start announcing it on Facebook and Twitter, but equally, I quite enjoy sleeping at night, and think that the people who pay me the money I need to eat and keep warm should probably take priority. I have a feeling they would agree!

Now, if I could count words written at work, that would be quite a different matter. Maybe for 2016, I should write about an environmental consultant, who is working on quite a few reports simultaneously. Include a couple of extracts to show just how hard she is working, and I’ll have won within Week 1. Just need to think of a plot…


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