NaNoWriMo 2015 – Week 2 Report

Week 2, and the 16th November, already over half-way through NaNoWriMo 2015; it feels a little bit scary writing that!

As I look at my open Word document, I am now 26,163 words, thanks mainly to the fact that I had sufficient annual leave left to take Thursday and Friday of last week off, to catch up on my woeful efforts at the start of the week. On the 1st November I sat and made a spreadsheet, with targets, a couple of graphs, and an ‘average daily word count’ calculator. Perhaps that hour would have been better spent writing! I do seem to have mastered the art of just getting my head down and writing solidly though, thankfully.

The ‘plot’ is still rambling all over the place, as I keep going off on tangents from tangents, but I’m hopeful that it will make some sense in the end! I have plans for index cards, post-its and timelines once the actual text is written, which should bring some sense of order to proceedings… (She says!)

Last week, there was research, and fact-checking; this week, there has just been writing, and I suspect, given the scale of the task still lying ahead, that’ll be the case for Week 3 as well.

Technically, even this blog post, at just over two hundred words, might have been better spent thrown into the novel file!

So, back to the novel…



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