Something for HALLOWEEN Weekend – with Jennifer C Wilson.

Thank you so much for hosting me today Shani! Happy Halloween 😃

Shani Struthers

KS-ToL-HighResCoverWelcome to Jennifer C Wilson, who has just published her debut novel with Crooked Cat Publishing – Kindred Spirits: Tower of London.  She’s someone who knows her history as well as her spirits – so have a read then head on over to Amazon to grab the book. That’s Halloween reading sorted! Take it away, Jennifer…

I think most of us, despite what we believe, are a little bit obsessed by ghosts, be it the spirit of a beloved relative that we want to feel close to after they’ve left us, or that of a historical ‘celebrity’, one of the great movers or shakers of their day. Every one of them has their tale to tell: of love lost, a tragic end, or a miscarriage of justice. And this makes them incredibly interesting characters to set a story around.

I am largely a coward, but have always been intrigued by the…

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