Countdown to Bosworth – Three days to go…

On the 19th August (Friday in 1485), York received Richard’s further information, and committed 80 men to the royal array.

Also that day, Richard left Nottingham Castle for the last time, making his way to Leicester, where he probably reached for the night.

There are many myths surrounding the final few days of Richard III; one is the debate about the exact place he laid his head on the final nights in Leicester. I’ve stayed at Leicester Central Travelodge, which claims to be on the site of the old White Boar Inn, where Richard supposedly stayed whilst in the city. And yes, apparently the staff have been asked which room he stayed in…

Much debate has taken place as to the truth regarding the White Boar Inn, apparently a timber building on Northgate Street. Legend has it, that when news of the battle’s outcome reached Leicester, and with Tudor on his way to the city, the White Boar’s owner hurriedly repainted the boar blue, thereby becoming the Blue Boar Inn, taking the badge of John de Vere, a supporter of the now Henry VII. There is, however, no contemporary evidence for this (but it’s a good story!).

Recent work by the University of Leicester has, however, produced an accurate model of the inn, with further information available here. And, as I say, having stayed on its traditional site, I know which story I prefer to believe…


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