Countdown to Bosworth – Four days to go…

Frustratingly, there is a gap in the record today, but given that yesterday saw Richard leaving Bestwood, it can be assumed that he was in Nottingham Castle, having returned from his hunting trip.

So, as there’s nothing else official to report for today, why exactly did Richard decide, less than a fortnight before such an important battle, to go on what was essentially a holiday?

Of course, he didn’t know then what a momentous battle Bosworth would end up being, and, therefore, it implies he cannot have been overly worried about Henry Tudor’s invasion and advance through the country.

He clearly wasn’t pessimistic about the situation, taking time out between issuing royal summons, to hunt in a deer park at the heart of Sherwood Forest. In fact, some sources suggest Richard was glad Tudor was finally in the country, and was looking forward to the opportunity of a battle to end the situation.

Furthermore, in the case of a battle taking place, hunting was an acknowledged training ground for royals and the nobility – fun, combined with combat training: it was the actually the perfect pre-battle preparation.

And where was Henry Tudor in all of this? He landed at Milford Haven on the 7th August (Richard received the news in Nottingham, four days later), and was said to be heading for London…



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